HIDLY attractive ATM signs are suitable for indoor and covered outdoor use. LEDS provide extended working hours at ATM room. Signs can be hung in windows, against walls, and from ceilings.Our quality LED ATM sign will brighten up any ATM room with their warm mesmerizing glow. We have multiple colors, styles and backing colors giving you enough color variations to choose from. 

1. Designed for indoor or covered outdoor use.

2.Flexibility-Easy to install, display and relocate around your ATM.

3.Does not contain toxic mercury like glass neon.

4.LED lighting:Bright, energy-efficient 26 W led lighting ensures visibility up to 800 feet away, even in daylight and when placed behind glass. It uses half the electricity of traditional, high-voltage neon lights, and operates silently so customers won't hear the bother some buzzing noise emitted with comparable neon signs.

5.These led atm signs design for ATM .

6.Those looking for a will certainly see your shop sign as the ultra-bright light shines better than traditional neon during both the day and night while also providing savings on your electrical bill. It emits a vivid light-eye-catching and visually appealing - and is the ideal advertisement for commercial businesses. 

7.Specifications operating voltage-110 VAC (or 220 VAC, alternatively)100,000 hours of operation time (10 years!)20 watt power consumption. 

8.HIDLY led ATM sign are assembled on transparent, sturdy bars and easy to install, saving labor costs for installation if desired. It comes with a chain and screw that can be done DIY or by a professional.Standard US plug with switch to turn on/off.

9.Power adapter:An included power adapter ensures this ATM signs are ready to use right out of the box.Simply plug one end into the led ATM sign, the other into a standard wall outlet!

10. If there is any damage to the power wire or shell of the product should be taken as a defective product- do not use, do not try to install or repair. Please contact the distributor or manufacturer

11.Do not allow sign to be in contact with water. Do not drop ATM sign. Do not apply pressure to signs

12. If LED ATM signs do not work or stops working (does not light up).the issue is likely the adapter as LED chips and board provide extended working hours. Current adapter lifespan technology is not as long as LED lifespan technology. Please replace adapter with compatible modal or if in warranty contact dealer for replacement

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